Fumes of hope amidst a devastated economy

It is a new year, and as with all things ‘new’, accompanied by a spirit of hope and all possibility. Over 2 million California citizens are hoping today… hoping someone will pick out their resume over all the others for the interview that could lead to the job they haven’t had in two years because they were ‘overqualified’. And if they can just make their next car payment before the ‘sixty day’ mark, then no one will come to repossess their vehicle. And if they have their car, then they can get to that job interview. Because if they get that job, maybe it’s possible to keep their home or apartment before the eviction notice is placed upon their door. And if they can just keep their apartment, then maybe… just maybe, they’ll be able to sleep tonight without anxiety or fear. Because if they can just get some rest, then they can fight off depression – the great imposter which has consumed them for too long. And if they can fight off depression, then they can conjure up the energy to pull themselves out of bed, pull up the blinds, and pull up a seat – to their computer to look up the job listings one more day… just one more day.

A devastating economy has pillaged the self-worth and dignity of millions across this nation, but just as we’ve seen in the aftermath of the most dreadful natural disasters in recent years, the human spirit is pillaged but not destroyed. Our history and our humanity is our great teacher – that after the darkest hours of destruction…together, we can and we will rise amidst the wreckage and the rubble, because hope, possibility, and purpose prevail, when it remains the pursuit of its people.

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