• Jeannine Cota

    It is hard to believe it has been two years since that defining Wednesday morning when America and the world awoke to an inconceivable truth… [more]

  • Jeannine Cota

    It is a new year, and as with all things ‘new’, accompanied by a spirit of hope and all possibility [more]

  • Jeannine Cota

    I lived in New York City on 9/11 ten years ago. My apt. in Tribeca overlooked the twin towers, and many a night I would sit at a corner desk lost in thought, voraciously writing as I peered out… [more]

  • Jeannine Cota

    I’m not your typical “expert”… not another policy wonk or poll pundit. What I bring to the table is unique yet simple… conviction, compassion, conversation… connection. I’m a story teller, and now more than perhaps any other political season before, this is what is needed… [more]

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Jeannine Cota is a media consultant and entertainment professional who is a proud reflection of the new face of ‘Hispanic America’. A heavily rooted foundation of creative talent, cultural values, and social responsibility influenced an eclectic career path which began in national politics during the second term of the Clinton Administration, with the distinguished appointment of Special Assistant to then Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson.

Within a variety of roles for the Democratic Party, Jeannine became highly regarded for her logistical, political, and communication savvy, invaluable to the success of numerous domestic and global missions. An articulate, dynamic interpersonal style and poise earned the respect of her colleagues and peers for her capacity to ‘put others at ease’, setting a positive verbal tone among senior government officials, maintaining constructive discourse between delegations, and cultivating constituent relationships.

Jeannine credits both a unique ‘behind the scenes’ political view and ‘real life’ experience to nurturing an ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and provide a much needed perspective and credible Latina voice in both radio and television. In addition to hosting news and travel programs for Sky Radio network, Jeannine has served as an on-air contributor for CNN Headline News Presidential coverage as well as Co-Host for Hispanic Business Radio. In addition, she has contributed to a variety of articles for on-line publications confronting social issues.

Jeannine maintains consultant positions within the philanthropic and political arenas, while her career pursuits have broadened to include the entertainment industry which has provided a platform and outlet for a wide array of artistic endeavors. Whether hosting, writing, interviewing, or acting, Jeannine’s personal and professional experience is continually inspired, challenged, and driven by an underlying common thread – her passion and purpose as a ’storyteller’.

Jeannine currently resides in Los Angeles, California



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